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    Journal Entry #6 – 1 week until the release of “Colder Tonight”

    My new single π˜Šπ˜–π˜“π˜‹π˜Œπ˜™ π˜›π˜–π˜•π˜π˜Žπ˜π˜› releases 2/24/23!!!!!

    This song is a glimpse of living in an exhausting cycle with someone you love. Long after I wrote this song, I revisited how I felt about this subject, and I wrote a phrase that I felt was an overlooked necessity in situations like these:

    Accountability is empowered shame.

    Accountability removes the grip of the past, whereas shame always focuses on what could’ve been. Shame will rob yourself of the time you have available to understand why you did what you regret, heal the inner child that brought those insecurities forward, and build a version of yourself that revolves around the values you want to embody.

    We’ve all heard the phrase β€œthe only constant is change” – yet we become addicted to the familiarity of our cycles. Deep down beneath the distraction of it all is a bruised + broken self-esteem. 

    No matter what happened to you or how you distract yourself from it, there is a universal starvation of self-love.

    We have a finite number of days and hours available as this life form. When empowering shame into accountability, you build habits that reflect the person you want to be. 

    Go outside, be present with yourself and your emotions, breathe deeply, create something, and stop comparing yourself. You have the ability to step into your own power and break the cycles that are fueled by shame.β›“


    π˜Šπ˜–π˜“π˜‹π˜Œπ˜™ π˜›π˜–π˜•π˜π˜Žπ˜π˜› releases on Friday, 2/24/23. Listen on Spotify here!