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Journal Entry #1

True reality doesn’t exist, at least, for you. And me. Everyone is so tied up in their own experiences that humans will never know true objectivity. This brings us a sense of entitlement, perhaps even self-pity, as we expect the world to fit our one in 7 billion experience.

If we took a step back, maybe imagine being in the mind of our neighbor, and then the next person after that, you begin to respect the landslide of human resilience that silently passes you everyday. 

The person reading across from you at a coffee shop has overcome so much pain, is risking it all to reach his dreams, and finds beauty in the simplest of things. But to you, he’s just occupying your favorite seat.

The jogger passing by might be a background character in your story, but you are simply a background character in hers. 

Take it a step further and look below the ocean’s surface. There is an intricate society and lifestyle that we will never fully understand, and so many creatures that could never fathom a human’s existence. 

Animals are roaming in no hurry, without the burden of disappointing your loved ones or paying rent.

To exist peacefully is to exist simply, with moments of silence. With true empathy.

Next time you judge the person passing by, imagine the journey it took for them to cross your path in that moment. Imagine the thoughts they are currently having, the things they dream about at night. Conceptualize them past the surface level that makes it so easy to dismiss them. 

I’m not suggesting everyone is worth falling in love with, but I’m also suggesting you to love everyone a little more.

Viewpoint from the more stressful side of the ocean.
Taken by Bianca in Siesta Key, Florida.