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“Through mournful reflections in the verses and forceful declarations in the chorus, Bianca Jazmine masterfully balances the yin and yang of introspective sorrow and empowering resolve.”Skope Magazine



Bianca Jazmine is an indie rock singer-songwriter with an insightful message to advocate for peace, empathy, and unity. Described as “an inspirational voice for her generation,” she hopes to encourage everyone to embrace their individuality, and use our unique personalities and ideas to help ourselves & others, and bring the world together. Jazmine’s ability to roll through testing times with grace & growth shows in her songwriting; remaining vulnerable & honest in her lyrics without victimization or resentment. 

Bianca Jazmine has performed all over the United States; a Cuban-American originally from South Florida, she is now located in Los Angeles, California. She has featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show, dozens of radio stations, including The Bakery Show on UCLA Radio, and Shake 94’s Local Love Live show on 94.3 FM in Miami, where she was showcased as their Artist of the Week. Her voice is also heard on the Japanese video game Memento Mori, singing Cerberus’ character theme song. Bianca Jazmine was awarded Best Music Video for “You’ll Find Love”, and Best Vocal Performance for “The Key” during IndieCon 2019, as well as receiving the 2018 Oski Award for Singer-Songwriter of the Year.

Bianca Jazmine’s unique, powerful vocals combined with her thought-provoking messages come together to form a remarkable experience. Along with her smooth yet energetic voice, Bianca Jazmine wields multiple instruments including the piano, ukulele, guitar, and flute. Her fascination with critical thought and emotion, combined with art and expression, has moved her to share her ideas about the world through music.


“the sonic sage of indie rock”

Desert Island Cloud

“Bianca Jazmine is an emerging super-talent in South Florida. Her catchy lyrics capture you and can get stuck in your head for days. Her delivery and angelic voice are sure to give you the chills. By keeping her songs focused on positive messages, Bianca is an inspirational voice for her generation, and she can brighten your day with a simple hook.”

-Aimee Beah Moore – Producer/Host Local Love Live – Director of Local Content for Shake 94FM

“like a songbird finding its inner dragon.”

Listen With Monger

“Bianca Jazmine is a testament to the power of resilience and the beauty of authenticity….In a world that can often feel divided, Bianca Jazmine is a shining example of what it means to come together through music.”

Desert Island Cloud

“Jazmine’s voice was absolutely breathtaking, and her ability to sing, dance, and unapologetically enjoy life was inspiring. … A beautiful, confident woman fronting a talented rock band is something that should absolutely be acknowledged and celebrated.”

Angelica Negron – The Family Reviews