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Shoutout Series Interview with VoyageMIA!

Check out my recent interview on VoyageMIA’s Shoutout Series here!


Hi Bianca, why did you pursue a creative career?
I chose to pursue a creative career to make a difference and share my ideas. I’m a firm believer in authenticity and creativity, and if I can inspire anyone to allow their truest self to show, or try something they didn’t believe they could do – I know I’ve done my job. I hope that through my writing I can help others step into their best selves. To create is an act of love, not just for yourself, but for the world. To produce something entirely new and add to this eternal cloud of art and ideas – that is love! It’s a contribution to humankind. I feel humans are naturally inclined towards creativity in a multitude of ways, some of which we consider artistic. From our literal birth to the way we all leave our personal mark on this world, creation is ingrained in us!