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New Single “Humanize” Releases 1/29!

We are kicking off the year with our newest single Humanize! It will be available everywhere on Friday, January 29, 2021. Stream on Spotify.

At 12pm on 1/29, join our Youtube Premiere watch party! The audio will be premiered on YouTube at noon where users can listen live together. Watch on YouTube.

Humanize is a song about empathy and unity. In our current culture, we’re always ready to judge others, especially online, and jump to conclusions about people. This song calls attention to the fact that we can never truly achieve equality and justice if we constantly put others down, and continue to polarize our society. In the midst of all the insanity, however, there is momentum. We have to hold people accountable for their actions, and respond to situations appropriately – past emotional tweets and outraged internet statuses. We have to demand change in not just our words, but our actions too. It’s easy to paint ourselves as morally superior or more intelligent than others by reposting quotes and articles, but until we truly live and breathe our values in the real world, none of it will truly create change. We must practice the standards we demand of others in our own lives. We are all humans, and we are all worthy of love, respect, and justice.